My name is Marcin Gminski and I am a Database Administrator with over 15 years experience in database administration, design and development. I have experience with SQL Server since version 2000 and have worked with Oracle, DB2, virtualisation, various data integration tiers and enterprise storage solutions.

Databases, whether relational or non-relational, are at the centre of every business and every solution. They tap into and integrate with every part of the infrastructure and it is crucial to get every bit right at the beginning to avoid costly mistakes.

I was involved in some of the largest national and global IT projects and was privileged to work with many brilliant people and different solutions. A friend of mine convinced me to create this blog to share my experience with you. I hope you like it. Thank you for stopping by.

You can reach out to me on the contact page where you will also find my LinkedIn profile.

Articles on this blog are my own views and do not represent any company I have worked for or work for. It is your responsibility to test every script and process before you run it on your own environment. I cannot be held responsible for anything you choose to do in your environment. Please test everything even anything I mention

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