T-SQL Tuesday #126 – [email protected]

This is my first T-SQL Tuesday contribution! If you are new to this concept, as I was, you can read more about it on the T-SQL Tuesday homepage. This month’s invitation is from Glenn Berry. You can read more about the invitation by clicking on the logo below: What you have been doing as a response to COVID-19 Folding at home It was actually Glenn Berry who introduced me to folding at home. I had heard about it before but was not familiar enough to get started. [email protected] is a distributed computing project that helps scientists solve complex computations to develop new therapeutics to various diseases by simulating proteic dynamics. You can actually see the simulation itself too. As you may imagine most of the processing power currently goes into fighting COVID-19. And you get a certificate too! I have been folding with a 12 core Xeon CPU only, no GPU. I am part of the SQLFamily folding group and you can see the results here: https://apps.foldingathome.org/teamstats/team236388.html As of May 2020, Glenn is taking the first place and I am 86th. I highly recommend reading about Glenn’s setup and tips: Data Community Events Hub Folding at home happens in the