dbo.weekly issue #1: MySQL goes Cloud, history of databases, setting up zone redundancy for Azure SQL and more…

Welcome to the first issue of the dbo.weekly newsletter. I will be sharing with you links and content that I find interesting. It will mostly be a SQL Server related but you will also find other subjects in here.

Azure SQL Zone Redundant Configuration for High Availability

Anna Hoffman and Marisa Brasile discuss how to make a SQL Database zone redundant

Is there any point of moving tempdb files into different disk drive if all LUNs are from the same RAID pool?

5 Simple answers why it still makes sense to separate LUNs even though they may essentially end up on the same physical disk.

MySQL has gone Cloud

MariaDB – a community-backed clone of MySQL has launched their own Cloud service where they offer SkySQL – Cloud-Native Kubernetes based derivative of MySQL.

mssql-cli is now generally available on macOS and Linux

We can now query SQL Server from maxOS and Linux natively.

A Brief History of Databases

More than a brief but a must read for anyone working with databases.

The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time

I am happy to be able to multi-task but in a single thread. Btw, do not bring your laptop to a meeting. I never do, I prefer a standard pen and paper. It makes me focus more on the meeting. The screen/keyboard and the application are often a distraction.