dbo.weekly issue #2: AWS under attack, data obfuscation, EightKB and more…

Generating Fake Data in SQL Server With R

Some time ago I have blogged about how to generate a realistic-looking test data using a free tool. Here Dave Mason shows us how to do it in SQL Server and R alone without any third-party tools.

Data Obfuscation for SQL Server

Another post form Dave Mason showing us how to obfuscate data. Very clever and definitely useful if we are looking to restore production databases into development or test environments.

HSBC moves into one global MongoDB database

It is not actually, it’s only moving one system but still an interesting project.

8 Data Virtualization Features to Help an Organization Become Data-Driven

What does it mean to be data-driven organisation?

Newly observed phenomenon could lead to new quantum devices

A new finding that may help understand the electronic properties of different materials. Once understood, this could lead to creating new or improved conductive materials.


EightKB conference is now available on YouTube for everyone to watch. It was a fantastic event and I highly recommend for everyone who is interested in how SQL Server works.

AWS was under the biggest DDOS attack ever

a 2.3Tbps… DDOS attacks are being simply measured in volume – how much data is being sent towards the target. In this case, 2.3 Tera bits per second was being sent towards the AWS endpoints.