More than mediocre.

Data Migrations and Microsoft Data Platform Reliability Engineering.

When it comes to data integrity, availability or security, there is no place for mediocre solutions. Databases are the centre of most operations. Outages, data loss, data breaches - a small mistake can lead to financial and reputational loss. Do not let any of this happen to you. I specialise in Data Migrations as well as SQL Server and Power BI technologies. I have been helping businesses migrate and integrate data between disparate enterprise solutions and design, develop and maintain reliable database platforms for over 20 years. I am also the creator of SQLWATCH.IO - Open Soruce SQL Server Performance Monitor.

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Hello World! – How I built this blog

The engine This blog runs on the free and the most popular blogging platform WordPress. You can download a copy from I host this blog myself but if you do not have your own server, there are many hosting providers that support WordPress including themselves. Go to for details. Styling WordPress is written in …

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