Data Reliability Engineering.

More than mediocre.

When it comes to data integrity, availability or security, there is no place for mediocre solutions. Databases are the centre of most operations. Outages, data loss, data breaches - a small mistake can lead to financial and reputational loss. Do not let any of this happen to you. I will make your SQL Server estate faster, more reliable and more secure. For over 20 years, I have been helping businesses develop and maintain reliable and fast database platforms backed by end to end performance testing and numbers, not guesses or assumptions. I can help you with data migrations and integrations too. Check out my free SQL Server monitoring tool - SQLWATCH.IO.

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Dynamic data sources in PowerBI Desktop

Abstract PowerBI Desktop is a data analytics and presentation tool. Defining data sets is very easy and usually involves creating connection string to the source data and defining objects to pull data from. Alternatively, for SQL databases we can write custom SQL script to query source data. However, if we want to pull data from …

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